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I went to see Martyna as I was concerned about my daughter's weight. My daughter was suffering from anxiety and she lost a lot of weight. We had some brilliant time with Martyna talking about the nutrition, weight, about my daughter's eating habits and why she is not gaining weight. Martyna talked us through the healthy eating diet and explained everything in details. We were given advice about meal times, portion sizes and snacking. It's only a month after our consultation with Martyna and my daughter gained some weight back on. It makes me happy! My daughter looks well and fit again. Her appetite is back and she feels better mentally and emotionally.  I've come to realize how important nutrition is to our bodies. Martyna is so easy to talk to, she is honest and open, and made us feel comfortable and heard. Martyna didn't rush us and let us feel very relaxed. She gave us time, space and answered to all our questions. Definitely will go back to see Martyna if I need a Dietitian's consultation again. 

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