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Image by Lina Trochez
Gift Wrapped



I would say I was born with the gene of creativity and empathy. As much as I remember I loved creating and giving it away. I used to love to surprise someone with a small gift. I still remember the excitment I felt when wrapping up a mug to a friend and writting an appreciation note. It was a secret and that friend never found out it was from me. My passion to lift person next to me up never gone away, but I abandoned my passion to create gifts. And only in recent years when working with people with eating disorders I was reminded again how important it is to work not only on building a healthy relationship with food but yourself as well. Most of my clients/ patients were struggling to accept their body image. In eating disorder treatment, a rise in self-worth predicts and reflects recovery. Also, increased self-worth permits an individual to believe that recovery is both possible and deserved. In my work I have learned that improved self-worth improves body image and will lessen it's importance. I was inspired to start creating again. Creating small handmade gifts which would remind person how important and beautiful he/ she is. 

I hope that you will be inspired with these small handmade gifts, which you deserve to treat yourself with. 

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